Local Cooking Experience with Chef Karl

This Friday 14th July Lemon Tree Bed & Breakfast will be hosting the first of a series of in-house events for our guests and their friends.

For this first event we have invited local Chef Karl Mallia to host a cooking experience focusing on local food. In this interactive experience guests will learn how to cook a local dish to be then enjoyed together around the table.

Karl shall be welcoming our guests with a Cocktail and Mediterranean Appetisers followed by an introduction to get to know him and each other.

The Chef will then guide our guests in making their own bread… from scratch. Together we will knead the dough to produce the base for the Maltese Ftira – a pizza-like meal made of crusty bread topped with local vegetables and cheese.

After preparing the toppings for the Ftira, we put our meal in the oven to bake, and sit together for a heartwarming Kusksu Soup made with broad beans, peas, and giant couscous.

As we chat along and discover the authentic taste of local food, guests will also be served Fresh Fruit, nuts and Maltese Coffee.


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